How to use PST Merge Tool to Combine Multiple PST files ?

Millions of users use MS Outlook to manage their email and other works such as calendar, task etc. That’s a witness to its usefulness – but the truth is that it always needs some care for its better performance. After prolonged use of Outlook, you must have realized that your Outlook speed has deteriorated or Outlook Search Function is not working properly. Moreover, your Outlook starts to freeze.  Sometimes you want to combine different PST Files into one PST files to access all the PST files at one place and unfortunately merging PST files manually is a complex process and it can not be done manually with ease.  So  It is recommended to use PST merge Tool.

However, Merge PST files is not only the option to manage PST Files for better Outlook performance. Users can go for other PST Split Tool and PST Compact Tool.
Like HumanBeing, Outlook also needs care and proper invigilation. No doubt the best way to merge multiple files is PST merge Tool. It just takes a couple of seconds and few steps to merge PST Files.

Why is it necessary to merge PST files?

  • To avoid loss or accidental deletion of  Outlook PST files
  • To save precious time by avoiding opening of each file repetitively
  • To avoid sharing of files one by one which is a lengthy and hectic process

Henceforth, a single file will be easy-to-open, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and easy-to-share.

And who don’t want to get all the facilities in just a few bucks?

So use the PST Merge Software and make your outlook and your life smooth.

System Necessities

Supported version required For PST Merge Tool: 

• Supports all version Windows-based operating including the latest Win 10
• Support all major version of MS Outlook including the latest MS Outlook 2016

Minimum Requirement

• Pentium class processor
• 512MB RAM
• 50 MB for Software installation
• Enough Disk space to store output

Follow the below steps to Merge PST files by Outlook PST Merge Tool.

Step 1: First of all Launch the software and select the multiple PST files which you want to Combine into a single file.

PST Merge Tool

Once you have selected the PST files a screen will prompt with multiple options to merge PST files:
Such as
• Join PST Files: This option allows users to join selected PST files by creating a fresh folder for each selected PST files in a new PST file.
• Merge PST Files: “Merge PST Files” options are for those who wants to merge all the folders of selected PST files in another new PST file.
• Merge Contacts: These options allow users to merge the contacts from selected PST file into a new file.
• Remove Duplicates: The “Remove Duplicate” option allow users to remove all the duplicate items from selected PST file.
• Exclude Deleted Items: If users want to exclude the deleted items in their new PST file, then they can select this option.
Users can select the above option as per their choice and proceed to the next step.
Step 2: Select the desired location from the list, for example Desktop. Then click on OK.

PST Merge Software

Step 3: Select the option Add new PST file(s) to Outlook profile and if you wish you can select the option to Apply Password to protect the new PST file

PST Merge Tool

Step 4: All the selected PST files are merging into one consolidated PST file.

Notes: Please wait until the process gets successfully completed. It just takes few moment of time due to low footprints of Exe files.
Once your PST Files is merged into single Outlook PST files, users can easily find the betterment in Outlook’s working and Function.

How to Merge PST Files in Outlook 2010 Manually?

Having lots of PST files in MS Outlook account is always a headache to manage them regularly. In fact large PST files are one the main reason of the corruption of Outlook files. To get rid of data loss or corruption and data security issues, PST merge is the only option. Users can merge Outlook PST files either by any third party PST Merge Software or some manual technique. In this blog, I have discussed PST files, it’s importance and how to merge multiple PST files in few simple steps.

What is PST files?

PST( or Personal Storage table) is basically an MS Outlook application data file format that stores various items like emails, contacts, calendars, events, tasks and others items.

Why is it necessary to Merge PST files?

MS Outlook is one the popular email client application that is hugely used by the small and large organizations for exchange of information.No doubt, the everyday user receives and sends multiple files and it can result in data loss or management risk. So to control this issue, it is necessary to combine outlook data files for easy searching and management purposes.

Another reason of merging PST files is the email account linked with MS Outlook; the user can build up more than one email account on this email client. Every email account has its own PST file attached with the account as a data file. Numerous PST files are created for multiple email accounts that cause the entire jumble of work and makes the MS Outlook slow.

Note: To manage PST Files, users can also try PST split Tool or PST Compact Tool.

Now, the question arises, how to merge outlook PST files in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Therefore, here are the solutions to merge or combine PST files, but before that, you need to know about the importance of PST Merge that is explained below:

What are the advantages to merge PST files?

  • Superb Speed: If the PST files are well-managed, then it speeds up the searching and retrieving process due to which you never need to wait a longer time to open a single file.
  • Well-maintained PST files: Once the PST files get arranged after using merging process, then it becomes easy to handle or manage.
  • Multi-collection of PST files: Using PST Merger method, you can easily gather all the PST files from different locations at one place for easy access.
  • Instant Switching: Merge PST files procedure helps to switch all PST files into a new updated Microsoft Outlook version swiftly.
  • Clean extra occupied space: After PST Merge process, the space occupied by the PST file automatically gets reduced by deleting duplicate PST files. Hence, the process quality gets increases and free up used space by the PST files.

Easy Manual Tricks to Combine Multiple PST Files into One:

You can Merge PST files by performing the task within two processes;


  • Create a new blank Outlook PST file.
  • Import PST files into newly created (blank) PST file.



Part 1: Create a new blank Outlook PST file.

Step 1: Launch MS Outlook Application on your computer.

Step 2: To create a new Outlook data file, Click on Home menu-> Select New Items -> Press on  More Items options-> and then Click on Outlook Data File.


Step 3:  In the Create or Open Outlook Data File window, choose a location to save the new PST file-> Click OK button to save the file.


Part 2: Import PST files into newly created (blank) PST file.

Once the file creation is done, you can select Import option of MS Outlook for importing all the PST files one by one into the new PST file. Follow the Import PST File option using below few easy steps;

Step 1: Click on File menu-> Press on Open tab-> Choose Import option.

Step 2: In the Import and Export Wizard dialog-box, Click on Import from another program or file from the options-> and then Press on Next button.

Step 3: Now, in the Import a file window, Click on Outlook Data File (.pst)-> and then Tap on Next button.

Step 4: After that, Click on Browse button to choose the PST file that you would like to import into new PST file. Also, choose other options (if needed). Click on Next button.

Step 5: Now, choose the mailbox folder (of the selected PST file) that you wish to import into new PST file. Additionally, you can also choose other options (if required)-> Click on Finish button.

Step 6:  Once the process will start, the importing PST files into the newly Created PST files begins. Please wait until the process gets done successfully.

Limitations of PST Merge Manual Procedure

Here are some several limitations that you may confront during merging PST file while using manual procedure are given below:

  • The manual procedures completely depend upon the PST file’s size and the number of PST-files you are going to merge.
  • The manual process is very lengthy and can easily confuse novice user to perform.
  • It is not a  full-proof solution to merge PST files without any data loss.
  • It does not support corrupt or damaged PST files.

Final Words:

In this blog, I have discussed the PST merge necessity and manual method using steps screenshots. In case, you fail to merge your PST files then you can take help of third party tool like Sysinfo PST Merge Software that offers security password to lock you merge files from getting misused. It supports both ANSI and Unicode files as well as offers three ways i.e. Merge contacts, Join PST, and Merge PST to combine PST files in MS Outlook. By the help of best PST merge tool, you can easily run it without any expert assistance and data loss.