Merge PST file Software

Performs ultra-fast merging process.

Merge PST files in various ways:Merge PST, Joint PST & Merge Contacts.

Outlook PST Merge Tool removes duplicate PSTitems.

Exclude deleted items from the merging process.

Allows users to apply password in the new merged Outlook PST file.

PST Merger Tool supports both Unicode and ANSI PST.

PST Merger Tool supports both Unicode and ANSI PST.

Free PST Merger tool merges 25 items of each PST file.

Why to Choose PST Merge Software?

If you have plenty of PST files on your computer, it gets bit tedious to manage all the PST data at once. So, fight this issue by using free PST Merge Tool that easily consolidates Microsoft Outlook PST data into one single file. This full-featured PST merger wizard is embedded with an outstanding algorithm to merge large sized Outlook PST files with all your email Meta data (to, cc, bcc, attachment etc.) intact in a very safe and secure manner. It is one of the best software to merge PST file seamlessly at ultrafast speed, it also provides additional features like Low footprints of its exe file, Removes Duplicate PST items, advanced search option, Bulk merging and list goes on. These unmatchable features makes this PST Merge Tool stands out of the crowd.  Read More

The Noteworthy Features of PST Merger Software

Operates in Safe mode

Software merge process is completely safe to use. The original structure of the PST files are not affected as it retains all the attributes of the PST file in the entire merge process with no changes, alteration or damage to the original files, giving best and efficient output results.

search file to merge pst
Search PST file

The software allows users to search and locate PST file if the locations is unknown. With this features users can add the selected PST files in a given specific path. This Auto Search option proves to be very useful when users are unaware of the storage locations of their PST file.

Supports all version of MS Outlook

No matter, which Outlook you are using, the Outlook PST Merger smoothly runs on all advanced and previous version such as MS Outlook (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013) and higher version MS Outlook 2016

add pst to outlook
Add new PST to Outlook Profile

Once the merge process starts the resultant consolidated output PST file comes refined as all the duplicate copies of mailbox items are automatically removed. It maintains the internal structure of the PST file without any loss.

log file of merge pst process
Features Log File

Being the multi featured software,this best PST Merge software makes the complete merging process a cup of cake. It fixes all the minor structural problem existed in PST files and subsequently generates a LOG file of entire PST merging process at the same location which is defined for new PST file.

fast pst merge
Quick PST merge action

Outlook PST Merge Software tool efficiently merges multiple PST files in to single Outlook PST file at just a single mouse click. The PST Outlook Merger is loaded with highly sophisticated algorithm that enables the user to freely select any number of PST files without any combinations and execute the fast combinational merge PST process.

windows campatiable
Fully compatible with all Operating System

PST Merger, a windows System utilities supports all the Windows 98, NT, 2000, Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7 , Windows 8 and Windows 10. So, no matter on what Windows you are using, this PST Merge Software works well on all Windows Opearting Software

remove deleted pst file
Excluding of Deleted Items

Software to combine Outlook PST files offer you another smart feature i.e. excluding of deleted items. With this option you can abandon the deleted item folder from merging. To avail this option simply choose the option of Exclude deleted item option given in the PST merge software interface.

Secure new Outlook PST with Password

For every one security is the major concern. So, the PST merge software allow users to apply the password to the new resultant PST files, With this additional features, users can protect their new resultant merged PST files by a new password.

merge multiple pst file
Multiple Option to Merge Outlook PST

The Outlook PST Merger is especially made for the users ease. Accordingly, this merger wizard provides you different excellent features to effectively combine multiple PST files into only consolidated Outlook PST file.

Look out for five distinct options for combining PST files:

  • Join PST Files: You can go for "Join PST Files" option to join your preferred PST files by creating a new folder for each chosen PST files in a new Outlook PST file.
  • Merge PST Files: You can choose "Merge PST Files" option to merge each and every folders of selected Outlook PST files in a new PST file. Also, users can remove or exclude duplicate items from the new PST file.
  • Merge Contacts: There are some users who wants to merge only contact only . Then they can go for "Merge Contacts Option". With this option, you can only merge the contacts from selected Outlook PST files in a new file.
  • Remove Duplicates: You can select this option to remove all the duplicate items from selected PST file. This means new merged PST files will have no any duplicate items.
  • Exclude Deleted Items: with this "Exclude Deleted Items"option you can remove the deleted item folder from merging.

Procedural Screen shots of Merge PST Files Software

How does the Merge PST File software work?

Watch the video to know “how to merge pst files?” and understand the advanced features/ functionality of this interactive Outlook Merge PST tool. This few minutes video will show you the entire process to merge multiple pst files into single .pst file efficiently. It will also helps you to understand the steps to remove duplicate email items from pst files and how to include or exclude deleted items folder. Once the visualization process completes, you will be able to take decision to purchase full version software to complete your merging process in outlook files.

To know the “location of default pst file” in your system, Read more…

If you want to know the version of ms-outlook install on your system then read the article: Easy Steps to Know Installed MS Outlook Version

Comparison of Demo & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Licensed version
Easily merges multiple outlook files in to single PST file
Save merge files 25 Items(Each PST file)
Supports password protected Outlook PST files
Support both Unicode and ANSI PST files
Price FREE $59

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. PST is an Outlook data file and the initial stands for Personal Storage Table. As it is attached to your Outlook client, it can be found in your local computer system. All the mailbox items consisting of messages, contacts, calendar events, etc. are stored in PST file. One of the reasons which cause multiple PST files in MS Outlook is when the users switch from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. As the user switch over to MS Outlook from Outlook Express multiple DBX file are generated. For each mailbox folder, such as inbox, outbox, sent items and much more, separate DBX files are generated. When the users switch over to Outlook Express from MS Outlook, these numerous DBX files get converted to multiple PST files. Another reason is the email account associated with MS Outlook; the user can condiv more than one email account on this email client. Each email account has its own PST file attach to the account as the data file. Multiple PST files are generated for multiple email accounts that cause a complete jumble of work.

The user can sort out the confusion of multiple PST files which are attached to their mailbox by Merging PST files. Once the users Merge PST files into one consolidated file, then it becomes easy to condiv that PST file with their email accounts for smooth email communication.

Ans. Sometimes with the continuous use of MS Outlook, your system is overloaded with plenty of PST files mailbox and it becomes very painful to open each single PST file and search for the desired mailbox item or content. To manage multiple PST files at a time, it is a very tedious and hectic task for the users. So to fight this issue, combining multiple PST files into single one becomes the best options. This improves the Outlook management and makes you get rid out of the sluggish nature of MS Outlook. Merging of PST files increases work efficiency of MS Outlook by holding multiple PST files data into a single PST file. after merging PST files users can easily search data from the single PST file.
Ans. users can also merge PST files by trying some manual steps which work well for files few in numbers. But sometimes it may become time-consuming when the files are large in number To avoid such situations, users can employ third-party software. Moreover, Only one Outlook PST file can be merged in a single time. It may be a complicated process if you have large PST files to merge. The manual method is damn slow i.e. time to consume as well as it doesn't support corrupt or damaged files. If you want to know the step by step process of the manual procedure then refer a blog with the easiest method to merge PST files manually.
Ans. Yes, it is mandatory to install Outlook on the computer before installing this application. Make sure your MS outlook should be condivd with a POP3 profile.
Ans. No, the PST Merger software does not support corrupted or damaged PST files and if your PST files are corrupted or damaged then you have to recover those damaged PST files first, before using the PST merging process. If your PST files are corrupted then you can use PST Repair Software of SysInfo. The Tool comprises of many additional features like low footprints of ex-files. The PST Recovery Tool also allow you to import PST file sin many different formats.
Ans. Yes, tool to merge Outlook PST files will offer a Remove Duplicates features through which one can remove the duplicate PST items from merging PST files.
Ans. Although both merging and joining processes involve merging of Outlook PST data files into one consolidated file, but there is a huge variation between them. With merging Option save users saves time to handle numerous PST files and reduce backups and other management overhead. Whereas, Joining PST files generate a consolidated PST having all the email items irrespective of duplicate PST items. All joined PST files will preserve in a separate folder inside big joined PST file. All data items like email, calendars, folder, task, contacts, etc. remain intact.

But Merge operation involves some smart process as it will generate a big single Outlook PST file and all the folders of selected PST files share same root folder and respective of hierarchy like it was in original individual PST file. After merging process, all same name and hierarchical levels get merged and generate a large complete folders structure of all PST file. The best feature of this option is that Duplicate email items like contacts, emails, and other data gets discarded and you will a get a much better and compact PST then the individual PST files.

Ans. Yes, there are two versions of the PST merge Software: one is 32-bit version and other is a 64-bit version. But, there is almost no performance variation. Generally, 64-bit systems have larger and higher resources then 32-bit system but it has nothing to do with the performance of Merge PST software. It solely depends upon the Outlook installation on your system. If you have MS Outlook 32-bit installed on your system, then go for a 32-bit version of PST Merger; and if your MS Outlook installed is 64 bit, the do go for the 64-bit version. Online video to know "how to merge pst files?" and understand the advanced features/ functionality of this interactive pst merge tool. This few minutes video will show you the entire process to merge multiple pst files into single pst file efficiently. It will also helps you to understand the steps to remove duplicate email items from pst files and how to include or exclude deleted items folder. Once the visualization process completes, you will be able to take decision to purchase full version software to complete your merging process in outlook files. To know the "location of default pst file" in your system, Read more…
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